Welcome to Gravity and the Girl!

Welcome to Gravity and the Girl, the official website for “Gravity”, our 2012 Doritos Crash The Super Bowl commercial!

“Gravity”, one of the funniest and most talked about Doritos commercials in years, is a story of three friends as they experience the highs and lows of rock climbing.

We competed against almost 6,000 other entries in the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Top Five, for reasons that we won’t go into here.  If you want to read the low down about the questionable workings of the Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest, check out Beardy’s article on Video Contest News.

While we didn’t make it all the way to Indianapolis, we had a great time making our commercial and are very proud of the reception it has received.  We had over 20,000 views of “Gravity” from all over the world. It was particularly popular with the rock climbing community.

I hope you enjoy our commercial and be sure to check out the “Making of Gravity” color grading and visual effects video and the “Photos” section for some great behind the scenes moments.


Michael “Pixelphile” Eggert